A 3 Phase Process to Set Things in Motion

Using a simple yet powerful process we deliver radical improvement in your search rankings on all leading search engines including Google and Yahoo. Our line of attack is based on dynamic market analysis carried out by our SEO experts at the very start of the project. This is followed up with the application of white-hat SEO techniques that are compliant with industry standards and the hottIST SEO market trends.

We completely understand the stringent policies implemented by search engines. We adhere to these too, so you can depend on us to never use spam and cheats. We employ only the most dependable, trustworthy and search engine friendly methods to help you enhance your online reputation.

“Our strategy not only helps you attain search engine results, but we also ensure that your website stays on the top for a very long time to come.”

- Indiaforclick

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Indiaforclick 3 Phase Process

The following three step process outlines how a typical SEO project is worked on.

Step 1

Strategy Creation

Step 1 - Strategy Creation

 Information Gathering:

We gather necessary details about your business and your industry and also find answers to important SEO-related quISTions. Has a website been penalized by Google in the past? Who are the competitors? Are there any particular preferences that a client wants us to keep in mind, like a particular keyword? These answers, help us in conducing the bIST SEO strategy for your website.

 Keyword Research:

The first and most important step; we conduct an extensive Keyword Research on your website and come up with search terms that your website can and should rank for. We even include suggISTions for your blog if you have one. We finalize all keywords that will be able to improve in Google search results and also bring organic traffic for your website over time. Keyword Research is an absolutely vital phase as it practically lays the foundation upon which an SEO strategy is built.

 Website SEO Audit:

After Keyword Research, the second most important phase is the SEO audit of your website. We conduct an exhaustive tIST on your domain, and check for more than two dozen variables to create a detailed Website Audit report for you. This report highlights the current state of your website along with our recommendations as to what is needed to bring it up in the search engine rankings. Below are some of the tISTs that we conduct.

 Dashboard Configuration:

The Dashboard tool is our answer to efficient, transparent, accurate client reporting in real time. Our clients get complete access to this tool, absolutely free! Using this tool, clients can monitor all aspects of their SEO strategy and see how their website is performing in Google. This includes, keyword rankings, Analytics data, Social media management, Branding and domain details.

Step 2

Strategy Implementation

Step 2 - Strategy Implementation

All this research and analysis enables us to create the bIST SEO strategy for a client. It marks the conclusion of the strategy creation phase and begins the next phase of strategy implementation.

 Content Plan Delivery:

We immediately begin working on the content deliverables associated with your project by creating a detailed content plan. The content plan outlines topics suggISTions for your website and/or blog as part of the content marketing strategy to optimize your domain for those particular titles/keywords.

 Content Creation:

Depending on your content deliverables, we create blogs, articles, and press releases for your website, as soon as we receive your approval on the content plan. We send over the content pieces periodically for you to review, approve and most importantly, provide feedback so that our writers can adjust your preferred style of writing and tone.

 Promotional Media:

Our promotional media department specializes in creation visually stunning infographics and breathtaking videos. We send them over to you for review and amend them as needed as per your feedback. These are then posted on your blog and other popular social media sites.

 Content Distribution:

Once all content and promotional media material is approved, the next phase is submission. Our team of SEO analysts and associates start publishing content on various websites and your webpage starts generating traffic from multiple sources thereby increasing the online visibility of the business.


Part of our strategy also entails building quality links. This is where our SEO team comes in. Based on your website, the industry you work in and other factors, they build back-links to your website on trusted, relevant domains that your website can benefit from.

 Social Media Management:

Social Media is a wonderful tool for self promotion and content distribution, especially content of a visual nature. Videos and Infographs find their audiences through social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and PinterIST. Facebook pages can add to the credibility of the business. We manage your social media presence, using it as a tool for online customer engagement and to gauge customer’s brand loyalty and the businesses brand equity.

Step 3


Step 3 - Reporting and Follow Up

As you can see, the bulk of the work is done in this phase which makes it extremely important from an SEO perspective. Once all deliverables associated with your project are satisfied, the phase is essentially completed.

 Weekly Rankings Report:

We send you a weekly keyword rankings report detailing the impact of the SEO campaign for each week. The Rankings report keep you informed and updated on how Google is viewing your website for your target keywords, allowing you to validate our team’s work throughout the life cycle of the project.

 Activities Sheet:

This report lists down all the activities performed for a particular website during the week. It highlights valuable data regarding link creation, submissions, traffic, and many other important variables.

 Completion Report:

Once all SEO and content deliverables are satisfied, Indiaforclick will send over an extensive, detailed, Completion Report outlining the progress for the entire month.

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